With Prime Mobile, you can:

  • Deposit a check
  • Apply for a loan
  • View balances and transaction histories
  • Transfer funds to shares and loans
  • Send money to friends and relatives via PayPal™
  • Receive/send secure messages from/to PFCU

How to Get Started

  1. Contact PFCU at 414.486.4500 
    1. Verify that your current email address is on record at the Credit Union.
    2. All members must have a valid email address on file to register for Prime Mobile.
  2. Access the Prime Mobile site one of three ways:
    1. Download Prime Mobile app from App Store.
    2. Download Prime Mobile app from Google Play™.
    3. Access our mobile site by entering primefinancialcu.org on your mobile device and select Mobile Banking.
  3. Complete the registration process. Members will need:
    1. Your account number.
    2. Your Prime Online password (contact us at 414.486.4500 if you don’t know your Internet banking password).
    3. Access to your email account to retrieve a one-time PIN to validate registration.

NOTE: By logging into Prime Mobile, members agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the ePrime Disclosure.


Depositing checks to your account has never been easier:

  1. Log into Prime Mobile (existing users must update their current version of Prime Mobile).
  2. Record “For Mobile Deposit Only” on back of check and include your endorsement.
  3. Select Mobile Deposit from the menu.
  4. Select which account will receive deposit and enter amount of check.
  5. Take photo of front of check AND back of check.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Verify deposit confirmation and follow on-screen instructions.

NOTE: Check deposits will go on hold for three (3) business days. Any issues with your deposit will be communicated via Mobile Messages.